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Path to Wellness



Massage Therapy is a beautiful path towards wellness.  There are many branches of this path that enhance our ability to find peace and balance in our lives, relaxation, stress relief, and pain management for problematic muscles and joints.  We will guide you with our skilled knowledge and years of experience in the many modalities of massage. Creating a truly unique experience tailored to your wellness goals.  


More than just relaxing Spa music.   Sound Therapy deeply connects our emotional and physical bodies. Emotional imbalances are the root of many physical diseases.  Tones and vibrations from Chimes, Crystal and Tibetan Singing bowls affect all cells in our bodies, balances both hemispheres of the brain, cleanses negative energies and emotions, increases energy flow and creativity, stimulates circulation and reduces stress levels.


Hydrotherapy is a great way to relax superficial muscles, increase circulation, reduce pain and stiffness, relax the entire body with the pulsating jets and hot temperatures of the water.  


Please remember you are always welcome to use the Hot Tub before your Massage appointment to help relax the mind and body, setting the tone for an incredibly relaxing Massage. 

Towels are in the closet in the bathroom or feel free to bring your own. 

I have the temperature set at 103/104 degrees for optimal therapeutic benefits.  If you get to warm, stand up or choose a seat that allows your heart to be out of the water as this will help cool you down vs changing the setting.  


Amethyst Crystals give off FAR Infrared Heat and Negative Ion technology that penetrates deeply into the body promoting self healing. Boosts Immune System function, soothing the Nervous System, increasing circulation, easing joint pain and stiffness, reducing stress and fatigue, detoxifying the body, promoting an overall balanced calming effect for the mind and body. 


Similar to the BIOMAT, the PHYMAT has a rainbow of gemstones.  Amethyst, Clear Crystal, Turquoise, Obsidian and Orange Jade.  The healing properties of these natural gemstones are very grounding to the body, regulate our energies, purify and balance all the Chakras, Aura cleansing, promotes joy and interconnection, leaving the body balanced.  


Reiki is a Japanese style of stress reduction and relaxation that promotes your bodies healing abilities through light touch and flowing energies.

Reiki Energy encourages a Mind/Body connection, a sense balance and becoming "in tune" with yourself.  Guiding the mind to a relaxed state allows the body to unwind and release energies that do not serve them.  


"In the end we must consider that a Reiki Master isn't one who has mastered Reiki, but one who has allowed herself to be mastered by Reiki." -Unknown

Aromatherapy & Wildcrafted Herbal Infusions

Understanding the complex components and unique properties of Herbs and Oils is incredibly vital.  Aromatherapy has amazing health benefits for our mind and body.  Infusing and Wildcrafting Medicinal Plants that grow abundantly on our Farm which have amazing health properties adds pure, raw, truly natural nourishment absorbed through the body.  A beautiful synergy that enhances health and wellness to those who seek it. 

Following this path of wellness led me to ”Wander;” a line of all natural products for the body, mind and soul. 

Signature Spa Products.  Made fresh upon request.

Honoring my vision to add only the most pure, raw, natural ingredients and preservatives to my blends.

Bella Vista Farm

We are honored to share the Earthly connection and unique ambience that Bella Vista Farm provides to the Spa. 


Being part of wellness is a passion, a beautiful blend of health and awareness of our bodies needs. A deep commitment I make to clients who seek more balance in their lives. We have an amazingly powerful responsibility, a new demand as the World rushes around us. Clients need grounded and connected, planted if you will. If we give a seed water and sunlight, it blossoms. What a beautiful metaphor evolving before my eyes as I glance at our pastures of Bella Vista Farm. Clients remind me daily how thankful they are to be on the Farm, the higher level of relaxation it brings them when they see the cows and calves grazing, the wildflowers blooming along the lane and the sound of the stream washing their stress away. Our Farm is truly a unique bridge for clients to feel reconnected and rooted in something much bigger than I anticipated. The Spa not only connects clients to relaxation physically and emotionally but environmentally and agriculturally as well. Little did I know that our grazing herd of beef cattle, free range chickens and honey bees would inspire. Clients are fascinated by the impact we are trying to make on the environment and it encourages us all to be more Earth friendly and health conscious. By sharing our passion to care for and protect our natural resources, clients found simplicity, peacefulness within themselves and a new level of inspiration. I am honored to be part of this beautiful experience, helping make a difference in the lives of others, the environment, myself and my Family.

Bella Vista Farm Facts:

  • Fourth Generation Family Farm dating back to 1920’s of being in the Goss Family.  Farmhouse is dated mid 1800’s

  • Nestled on 208 acres

  • USDA/NCRS Conservation Stewardship Program 

  • Beef Cattle Herd

  • Some Free Range Chickens

  • Honey Bee Hives managed by ACE LLC

  • We plant Wildflower Pollinator strips for our beneficial Pollinators

  • Barn Owl Project- Shaver's Creek Environmental Center

  • Solar Panels on our Barn Roof

  • We believe in a Permaculture system that harmoniously integrates the land with its inhabitants, balancing ecological and biological systems. 

  • Focusing on Biological Agriculture to work hand in hand with Nature

  • Ecosystem mindfulness and awareness of our impact on the environment, plants, animals and organisms


Bella Vista Barn Owl

Please visit the link  to learn more about our Bella Vista Barn Owl.


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