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Bella Vista Massage and Spa 

Bella Vista (Beautiful View) offers a unique Massage and Spa experience nestled on our Family Farm.  A welcoming ambience surrounded by peaceful pastures, meadow stream and soothing sounds of nature… Relaxation awaits you.  

Click Path to Wellness to learn more about the Spa.  

Massage and Spa Services 


One Half Hour- $40

One Hour- $60

One and One Half Hour- $80

We will guide you with our skilled knowledge and years of experience in the many modalities of massage.   Creating a truly unique experience tailored to your wellness goals. 

The Path to wellness… 

Couples Massage -

We may be able to coordinate schedules around our recurring clients to accommodate sessions at the same time otherwise we schedule sessions one after the other.  Encouraging the guest waiting for their appointment to soak up some extra hot tub time.  

Spa Parties -

May be available upon request 


Of the Earth- Herbal Exfoliation 

60 min $80.00

Head to toe.  Exfoliate dead skin cells and increase circulation while nourishing your skin with the essence of Wildcrafted Plants and Herbs. This invigorating treatment is complimented by an Aromatic Massage blended with personalized Herbal Infused Oils.

Seasonally created. 

Plant Poultice- Body Wrap 

60 min $80.00

Nourish and cleanse your skin and body naturally. Our skin is the bodies largest organ responsible for absorption and elimination. A Poultice provides plant minerals and nutrients to restore your system while cleansing and drawing out toxins. Plant pulp is applied to your skin to promote a healthy body balance.

Enhance your Massage experience by adding the following services to your scheduled appointment.

Herbal Brew- Congestion Therapy 

Add on- Complimentary, just ask us. 

A steaming blend of dried Herbs known to ease symptoms of congestion along with Eucalyptus and Peppermint Essential Oils

Of the Earth- Herbal Exfoliation

Back, Hands or Feet

Add on- $10.00

Exfoliate and nourish your skin with the essence of Wildcrafted Plants and Herbs.

Seasonally created.


Wandering Spirit

45 min $60.00

Inspired by my Daughter Aspen and our love of the Rocky Mountains. 

Wild Rose and Tuberose naturally exfoliates and calms your spirit. Glacial Silt, Hempseed and Honey painted onto your face; tones, improves elasticity and provides anti-aging benefits, collagen production, regenerating skin cells, moisturizing and replenishing delicate skin with the essence of Cottonwood, Raw Honey and Rose CBD from Colorado. This uniquely natural facial will leave you with a gorgeous Alpine glow and feeling peaceful following an upper body massage.

Benefits of Raw Honey

-Rich in Nutrients such as Vitamins B & C, Minerals and Amino Acids

-Retains moisture in our cells, preventing dryness and the appearance of wrinkles

-Antioxidant properties that prevent premature aging

-Preserves natural oils in our skin, enhances elasticity

-Antibacterial properties that are great for acne prone skin

Enhance your Massage experience by adding the following services to your scheduled appointment.

Of the Earth- Facial

Add on- $10.00

Bentonite clay and Rose clay, Honey from our Honey Bee Hives, Organic Aloe Vera and Wildcrafted Flower Essence.

Seasonally created.

Herbs and Oils


90 min $120.00

Essential Oils and Wildcrafted Herbs can greatly enhance health and wellness.  Together we will personalize a Therapeutic Blend. 

You will be given a Holistic Health Assessment Form to fill out, noting in order of importance your top three health and wellness goals.  

I will then formulate a synergy of Wildcrafted Herbs and Essential Oils.

We will schedule an appointment in which we go over my assessment, I'll provide education on the chosen Herbs and Oils and together we will blend your personalized and truly unique product in which is yours to enjoy. 

Gift Certificates 

Gift Certificates purchased online will be emailed to you to print.

Or- messaged to you and may then be shared.  Help save a Tree.

Please be mindful that we are with our scheduled Clients and do not always get to check our email until we finish up for the day.  Rest assured that we check our email daily and will email any online purchased gift certificates at that time.  Thank you for giving the gift of relaxation.   

If you wish to pick up a certificate, please note: contact us in advance so that we may have your certificate ready for pick up as we are with our clients and wish to respectfully not interfere with their scheduled time of relaxation.

Thank you for your understanding and for giving the gift of relaxation to your loved one.

Redeem a Gift Certificate

Upon receiving this wonderful gift of self care, please connect with us so that we may get you into our future schedules which at times can be anywhere from 2 to 6 months out. It truly is an honor to have a waiting list which reflects our skilled knowledge and years of experience that our clients have come to expect from Bella Vista Spa.  

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